From the Indian tradition of Classical Yoga, inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli alongside a modern understanding of the body and a somatic awareness, I teach Yoga and Movement.

I trained at Natural Bodies in Brighton in 2002 with Gary Carter and many of Vanda Scaravelli’s first teachers, with John Stirk, and continue to deepen in my practice and teaching through my Somatic Movement Education.

I offer individuals a deeper understanding of themselves in yoga postures, in breathing and in movement, with somatic education. My teaching is also influenced and inspired by my background and experience in martial arts, bodywork and dance.


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga is an enriching movement and breath practice that improves strength, flexibility and vitality, and gives a positive body presence. It enables us to breathe and move more efficiently and with greater ease, and to think more clearly ...... all supporting us to enjoy a 'freedom of just being'.

Taking time to experience Classical Yoga Asanas (postures), being attentive to our breath and finding rest from the ground, gives us an awareness of our spine, our centre and our connection to it…..our inner experience alongside the outer expression and posture.

We ‘undo’ any tension in the body rather than forcing the body into a shape. This ‘undoing’ rather than 'doing’ approach that Vanda Scaravelli wished to be simple - can also be exploratory and at times playful. The beauty, simplicity and effectiveness of this approach makes it accessible to ‘any body’.


Somatic literally means relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind. Somatic Movement Education is the study of the body through the personal experienced perspective, where the body cells inform the brain and the brain informs the cells. The body is experienced as a whole. It offers experiential awareness and information, depth and clarity to  yoga practise, and helps develop the ‘felt-sense’.  I bring Somatic Education to regular workshops and weekly classes using Body-Mind Centering® principles. 

BMC® principles support and facilitate the body's learning and take us from traditional anatomical and physiological knowledge and maps, into the actual physical and emotional sensations arising from the different parts and functions of the body.  This gives us a direct experience and a richer 'understanding' of our being human. The 'understanding' is within the body, the organs, the tissues and at a cellular level.  Thus we embody movement and yoga asanas. 

“A life-enhancing practise , Yoga is an ever inspiring awakening of our inner awareness and physicality.  We are reminded of our body-mind-spirit connection and the joy and beauty of being alive”