Yoga and Awareness for a Healthy Spine


MONDAY EVENING  6.30-7.45pm and 8-9pm


St Michael's Church Hall, Lewes, BN7 1XN

These sessions offer the opportunity to maintain or improve the health of your spine and consequently whole being through Yoga postures, Breath and Movement Practices which we explore and experience through somatic exploration.  A little experiential anatomy of our body systems - muscular, skeletal, fascia and connective tissue, fluid, organ qualities using Body-Mind Centering® principles - proves to be an empowering learning, and gives greater body sense to take beyond the yoga mat. Awareness and body ‘intelligence’ give us movement choices and ease and efficiency of movement in our daily life activities and demands.

Sessions help manage back aches and pains and improve posture. 

“I found the course extremely useful in carrying over the principles of spinal health into everyday activities” Christine

“The classes give me a chance to step away from what I think I know about the body and into what I can experientially understand about my body.” Dom

"The class provides whole body awareness .. the yoga enlivens my day and makes me feel connected to my inner body" Jan