Private Sessions


SESSIONS ON ZOOM and IN PERSON in my yoga space

'I have felt so blessed to be able to continue my one2one yoga practice with Jane on Zoom during lockdown. I was initially a bit unsure as to how well it would work. All I can say is that it has worked very effectively indeed! I feel my practice has truly developed and deepened as a result. Ive been able to forget its ‘only’ on Zoom. Warmly recommended.' Pepe E

A personal session takes into account the uniqueness of you, your anatomy and its history. Yoga, Movement and Breathing are explored with respect to the ability, needs and health of your body …. and of course your time, lifestyle, aspirations and goals.

I often use somatic movement principles within a session which can help identify inefficient and unhelpful body patterns and ways of moving. Using these principles supports injury management or other body considerations. Together we can identify body strengths and weaknesses in somatic exploration of muscular, skeletal, ligamentous, fluid, organs and relevant body systems.

As a BEGINNER TO YOGA,  a personal session is a great way to introduce yoga into your life and in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.  Working individually, any unhelpful limiting postural, movement habits, which might be reinforced in yoga postures can be identified.

I passionately encourage even beginners towards a home practice.  This can start simply as 10 minutes learned from their session, which in time with guidance and support, will develop into a life enriching practice.  Some people like to continue learning on a one-to-one basis while others prefer to join a group class.

"Jane’s erudite knowledge of human anatomy and astute understanding of how each posture may be deepened and developed, sometimes by the minutest adjustments in movement and breathing, have enabled me to enjoy and often be surprised at how my own practice is altering and progressing by paying attention to detail."

Tatiana Kontou

"Jane’s skilled and highly empathetic 1:1 approach has enabled me to transform in a way that goes way beyond general group-based yoga classes. I feel stronger, less anxious and much calmer"

Arjo Ghosh

For THOSE WITH YOGA EXPERIENCE, a private session offers the opportunity to develop a yoga practice, or explore specific postures or breathing practices that may be difficult in a class situation. For those with an established practice, moving with a ‘Scaravelli’ approach can bring aliveness and infinite interest to familiar asanas and a practice as a whole.

On a deeper level, a one to one session offers the opportunity to integrate and balance body strengths and weaknesses exploring neuro-muscular, skeletal and fluid qualities of the body with somatic awareness.

Sessions take place in my 'Yoga Space' in Central Brighton and cost £45.  Home visits can be arranged.