For dedicated Yoga students and Yoga teachers

In these workshops we will take time to explore the somatic experience of our body systems within asana and pranayama and movement. 

Somatic experience is that which develops our 'felt sense', our 'being embodied', our inner experience. 

Somatic education helps us to differentiate (as well as integrate) the many qualities of our being human.  Strength, support and organization from our bones; vitality from our organs;  co-ordination and alertness from our nervous system; clarity and alignment from our ligaments; ease of movement and being from our fluid body;   and power from our muscles, which along with our fascia offer a dynamic tensile flexible network connecting our inner to our outer world.  We also explore anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles.  

The integrated experience of this practise offers us richer and broader 'choices' (conscious and unconscious) in our life.  Choices from our body as to how we move in our universe  and how we relate to our universe. 

It is a simple yet profound practise accessible to anybody who is curious and open to explore!


A small group 'in person' workshop-style session in my yoga space in central Brighton and also on Zoom - for all students with yoga experience interested in going underneath the asana - exploring Somatic Fundamentals to support your yoga and breathing practice

10-12 noon £20/£15

The opportunity to deepen into your love and curiosity of movement ... and your practice!

Upcoming Dates

3, 10 and 24 June

8 and 15 July

To book an 'in person' place or your Zoom meeting ID and password and for further information  contact me